with nature

      and the

local community

Cleanse your soul

    while we

      clean your home

Cleanse your soul
while we clean your home.

We have an array of tailored cleaning options/packages to suit your needs. See below what we can offer or call us for a chat to discuss your specific needs.





Pre-sale & Builders Cleans


We see what you see, we experience what you experience… we know care,
we are Tamony Care!

Founding partners Tamara and Antony are parents to a beautiful young disabled child themselves. Much of their story is reflected in the services they offer, as it comes from personal experience and years of it.

We believe everyone should be treated as equals, and we all deserve to live life to it’s fullest. We have built Tamony Care with the values of Integrity, inclusion, trust and professionalism.

Appointment Transport

Community Engagement Outings

Community Transfers

Do you cater to NDIS clients?
Yes, providing you are self managed or plan managed, we provide many services to our NDIS clients.
How do I book your services
The best way is to call the office to introduce yourself to our team.
What ages do you accept?
We accept ages from 7 years old, depending on current circumstances and staffing.
Do you do other work, outside of cleaning?
We have an amazing team of contractors that all have a passion for their individual fields. Get in touch with Tamony Care today to see how we can help.
What does Tamony mean?
Tamony is the harmonious blend of founding partners, Tamara and Antony. However the meaning of the word Tamony runs much deeper… We are all gifted with an analytical mind and an enormous appetite for the answers to life’s hidden questions. We, at Tamony, have an empathetic approach to our ways. We posses a strong presence in our moral and ethical standings. We are persistent in our search for what matters most in life – to live it to it’s fullest. So, to us, the word Tamony was not only created as a mash up but, in the hope of helping those around us, who are a little less fortunate, achieve just a little bit more, each day…

Words from our clients 

Tamony is reliable, efficient, thorough and goes above and beyond to maintain high standards. They always provides excellent feedback regarding guests and take an interest in the property when passing by. Antony, from Tamony Care has been available at short notice for emergencies. He is honest and trustworthy and as a Airbnb host I could not maintain the standard that I offer without their services. 


Holiday letting cleaning services
Fast and efficient cleaners, always a pleasure to deal with and nothing is ever too hard! Highly recommend! 


Cleaning services